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first off, i'm sorry for a post that's so offtopic, but i have a bit of a problem...
i'm currently living up in boston, but I'm from the northern Rockland area (Garnerville, Stony Point, Haverstraw etc.). My cell phone died. (who cares?!?). Back in the day when I got my first cell phone, I had to go with Verizon because it was the only company that actually got reception in that area. I'm thoroughly fed up with Verizon and wanna swich company's in June when my contract's up, but I don't wanna not have reception on the rare occasion I show face in good 'ol Rockland. Has anything changed in the past three years, or is Verizon still my only option for reliable reception there? I'm looking into Cingular or AT&T. Once again, sorry for the offtopic post, but any advice you guys could give would be much appreciated!!
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